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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Free Permaculture Workshop at University of Tokyo



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I will do a free Introduction to Permaculture presentation during the open campus event at University of Tokyo Kashiwanoha campus (beware this is actually in Chiba). It will be an INTRO so if you are a permy and live far, then it probably won't be worth it. I'm happy to do a more advanced workshop in English if someone wants to help organize it.

I will talk about the origins of permaculture, underlying ethics and design principles, and a few examples from around the world from rural to urban environments. From 14:30 I will be doing a systems thinking games workshop too. There will be many other presentations and workshops all over campus.

1. Introduction to Permaculture
Lecture Room 3 (change of room) 1300~1420

Permaculture is a design methodology for creating sustainable settlements.
Elements of permaculture include edible forest gardening (food forests),
bioremediation (eg. mycoremediation), rain-water harvesting, 
passive solar design, alternative energy, community design, etc.

It is practiced throughout the world, and I hope to share some examples with you.
I will try to include examples from Jordan, Nicaragua, South Africa, and the US.

2. System Thinking Games
Lecture Room 3  1430~1530

This will be an interactive workshop to explore systems thinking through games. 
I am planning to use a game or two from the Systems Thinking Playbook by 
Linda Booth Sweeney and Dennis Meadows (co-author of Limits to Growth). 

This is an opportunity to learn how to think and teach about systems together,
while playing at the same time. 

Date: 10/27 Saturday

Time: 13:00

Graduate Program in Sustainability Sciences - Global Leadership Initiative
Third Floor, Building of Environmental Studies
5-1-5, Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa-shi
Chiba 277-8563, JAPAN


The train-line is Tsukuba Express, and the station is Kashiwanoha Campus.
Its a short bus ride or 25 minute walk (I recommend going through Chiba University and the giant park).

(David Holmgren design)

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