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Slightly Updated 12/19/2014


Tokyo Urban Permaculture is a new project I started at the end of 2011, after two extraordinary seasons at the Bullocks Permaculture Homestead on Orcas Island, WA. Much of my inspiration has come from what I learned during my time at the Bullocks and from my experience with the City Repair movement in Portland, OR. Both highly highly recommended sites for ecological-cultural regeneration and interesting people.

Now that I am in Japan, I am embarking on an experiment to practice what I have learned in my years learning and practicing sustainability, and to figure out critical areas for growth.
My five main projects at the moment are:

  1. Regenerate tokyo with a creative network of permaculture activists and cultural change makers
  2. End nuclear power in Kanto which will hopefully have a domino effect across Japan and the world
  3. Power Shift Japan: connecting with the Global Power Shift movement to address dirty energy and climate change through empowering youth. 
  4. Wake Up! Sharing mindfulness practice to Japanese, particularly the youth, and exploring the core of happiness and sustainability by living it. Also, part of a global youth movement.
  5. Compassionate communication (NVC): teaching heart to heart communication with a focus on youth, so that we can transcend a culture of judgement and engage with what all of us are really needing! Cultivating our consciousness for empathetic connection with all.
The larger vision is to transform the current consumption-driven cultural paradigm to one that focuses on ecological regeneration (keeping us alive and healthy), and the cultivation of happiness and compassion. Starting with Tokyo.

My current strategy is to explore a variety of approaches such as
  • teaching urban permaculture primarily by conscious donation
  • doing presentations on best practices (e.g. City Repair) from the US and other countries 
  • relationship-building with a powerful university that has close government and corporate ties
  • stimulating the growing social movements against nuclear power and climate change
  • networking with a diverse population of cultural change agents
  • practicing engaged buddhism or mindfulness activism
Workshops and talks on
  • Permaculture and urban permaculture: introductory sessions to more advance courses
  • Gardening, compost, worm compost, propagation, grafting, guerrilla gardening, fermentation
  • Facilitation and effective meeting skills
  • Compassionate communication (aka Nonviolent Communication)
  • Mindfulness and meditation in daily life
  • Systems thinking through games

I also started a life-coaching service based on compassionate communication. My role is accept you for who you are and where you are at in life, call out your power, and help you become who you want to be! I finished a 10-month certification course through Leadership that Works called Coaching for Transformation.  I am happy to give free sample sessions and you'll get a taste of what is possible!

Please get into contact with me if any of this excites you or if you have any resources to share.
tup.pollinator (at)
*need to change (at) to @

At the moment, this blog is primarily Japanese because that is my target audience and I want to limit my computer time. The current function of the blog is to announce workshops, plant ideas about urban permaculture, and other types of outreach. If there are many non-Japanese speakers interested, I can attempt to translate. At some point I hope to organise English-speaker friendly workshops and  a permaculture festival. Let me know if you are interested. That is essential for motivating me.

If you are looking for information on permaculture in Japan, I compiled a list for you!!!

Also, please check out my other blogs to get a sense of who I am and what I'm doing.

My main blog (bilingual):
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Eco Resources Library (my storage site for unprocessed sustainability info)

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Thanks for visiting and get ready for a crazy era of instability, chaos, creativity and regeneration!


PS Here is a youtube of a talk I did for TEDxTodai on "Stopping"


  1. I think you should drop the anti nukes agenda- its controversial and not relevant to perma-culture directly. You'll just stir up the hornets nest and besides nuclear power is the cleanest energy we have. It also concentrates on the negative much like the occupy movement. I suggest focusing on the positive changes perma-culture can accomplish and the motainai concept of energy conservation. Less energy consumption heat island affect etc, less nuclear power needed.I am very interested in rooftop gardens. We are in contract now to purchase an older home. I would like to convert the roof to gardens but cash is low. If there are grants or projects that we could use our house as project for a university or other NPO to show the benefits of roof gardens, I would be interested to har about it.

  2. Hey tinsol
    Thanks for your comment. First ever English comment on the website.

    Yes, the nuclear issue as well as climate change is very controversial and highly charged. But, I don't fear controversy and I have very solid reasons for taking this position. Permaculture is awesome and I love it and live it, but it doesn't seem like it can prevent nuclear disasters, deal with nuclear waste, stop climate change, etc. And I am really serious about creating a sustainable just world for everyone.

    There are fundamental issues I am exploring with the permaculture movement, such as scale, political engagement, and the fact that Permaculture is dominated by middle-class white privileged populations like myself! Many of us can avoid unpleasantries (e.g. toxic areas, low-income dangerous areas, etc)

    But, yes, we should highlight positive changes, practice them, and spread them! That's what I do with this Tokyo Urban Permaculture project.

  3. Kai, dropping controversy sounds nuts to me. We need to be able to communicate about controversial subject. Otherwise why bother with getting together in groups learning non-violent communication. Why claim to be about perm-culture.

  4. Yes permaculture is "whole systems thinking",.... finally a wholistic framework to view the world. Except yes it's grounded in white and priviledged people and culture. It's an awesome predominately white, middle- and upper-class movement here in the United States. I think permaculture has much more potential than this.

    I think about what it could be. Permacultural urban farming co-ops driven by immigrant youth and their parents. Using permaculture as a strategic framework for organizational development. Incorporating and applying permaculturalist frameworks to anti-war and anti-violence movements. This is the line I believe we need to walk on.

    Keep up the great blog and work!

  5. Very interesting article.... Sharing a vlog about Tokyo at Asakusa Temple in
    Watch also the video in youtube